At Alpen&Glo we pride ourselves on building a strong and strategic foundation that allows brands to shine in execution. We evaluate each partnership based on a brand’s needs and opportunities during its growth phase and create a custom marketing journey for each of our clients.

We love growing brands and the challenges that come with navigating new waters. We have a vested interest in the CPG space because that’s where we grew up. At our heart, we're passionate about mission-driven companies. We promise to live and breathe your brand, and to collaborate as an extension of your core team. Let's build something powerful, together.

Let us be your guiding light.

Born of first generation families, Raha and Ashley grew up believing that success meant spending years climbing the corporate ladder. After 20 collective years of working in the CPG Industry, they serendipitously came to a shared realization that they could write their own definition of success. That together they could shatter corporate norms, while creating a company that truly values transparency and trust.
Enter Alpen&Glo, established in 2020.

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“You have the power to define what success means to your brand. Shatter expectations and take risks to push your industry forward.”


Meet the team.  Meet the team.  Meet the team.  Meet the team.  Meet the team.  Meet the team.  Meet the team.  Meet the team.  

Meet the team.  Meet the team.  Meet the team.  Meet the team.  Meet the team.  Meet the team.  Meet the team.  Meet the team.  

We like to say Ashley holds down the “Alpen” in Alpen&Glo – having pride in being grounded, ambitious and determined. With experience working with global brands like Red Bull she was able to turn expertise into passion and evolve from energy drinks to natural foods with brands like GT’s Kombucha and Kalo Hemp Infused Seltzer. Ashley loves to build brands and culture believing that if a company is well rooted and true to their mission, the consumers will organically follow along.

Ashley Wheeler

It comes as no surprise that Raha is Chief Glo of Alpen&Glo. She lives in the moment, gets excited by new challenges, wants to push the limits and add a little sparkle along the way. After 11 years climbing the corporate ladder, she is determined to change business as usual and add a little zest to the everyday. Raha has extensive experience leading brand marketing teams in the natural food space working at well known brands like Vita Coco and GT’s Kombucha.

Raha Borhani



Scout, our Sr. Marketing Manager, tackles any challenge with a big smile & sense of humor. With several years of experience managing brand, field, and experiential marketing programs at leading CPG brands like Red Bull & GT's Kombucha, she has a keen eye for detail and a passion for bringing people together. Scout loves managing projects and crafting intricate plans to bring brands to life.

Scout Sable

Gabi is the creative force backing and supporting the grand vision. She has been a freelance photographer & videographer for the last 6 years, always bringing a fresh and creative angle to a new project. When she’s not behind a camera, she’s managing social media channels, content streams, and connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs in the digital space. No matter the medium, Gabi has an eye for world-building through brands and aesthetics.

Gabi Toth

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