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Working hand-in-hand with your team to build a marketing strategy that aligns with your business plan.

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Filling the gaps in your marketing mix to help amplify your brand's message so you can focus on your core capabilities.

Filling voids in your marketing team and working collaboratively toward a seamless execution.

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Strategic advising and consulting that leverages our industry experience to help guide your marketing journey.

Strengthening your brand's impact through marketing and branding.

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Our Capabilities

Brand Strategy

Brand Voice, Visual Identity, Audience Segmentation

Business Planning, Product Launch Strategy, 360 Campaign, Programs, Branded Collateral, OOH/Media

Brand positioning

Brand development

Trial & Experiental

Activations, Partnerships, Guerilla Mission Sampling, Owned Experiences

trade shows

consumer engagement

brand look & feel

Social & Digital

Segmentation & Strategy, Content Strategy, Community Management, Partnership Programs, Influencer Programs, Social Sampling

Email, SMS, Partnership Sampling, Advertising, Digital Coupons

social media


Admin & Operations


reporting & analysis

team management

process development

Retail & Distributor

Focus Markets, Account Strategy, Merchandising LOS

Shopper Programs, Retail Incentive Programs, Trade Ads, POS, Retail-tainment, Demos & Activations

retail strategy

in-store programming

Incentive Programs, Product/Brand Education, Launch Support

Distribution Engagement


Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Copywriting

Content resources

A&G Portfolio

Brand Strategy & Execution

Due to GT’s Living Foods’ accelerated success and the growth within the Kombucha category, there was a need to expand upon the existing Marketing department in order to continue as the leader in the space. GT’s Living Foods understood that they needed to create a consistent cohesive brand, maintain relevancy and expand the consumer base.



Build a national brand marketing strategy and organization that increases brand awareness through region specific positioning while maintaining a consistent brand vision and voice.

  • Create an organizational structure that allows for increased marketing activity and cross functionality to amplify GT’s brand presence nationally while outpacing competition.
  • Strengthen the brand’s consistency across multiple product lines.
  • Identify the target audience, markets, and focus pillars.
  • Implement processes, tools and KPIs to allow for more simplified and cohesive execution.


  • Launched strategic programming that included experiential, digital and retail initiatives in 15 markets, laddering up to national priorities aligned with sales counterparts.
  • Established an ownable brand aesthetic and presence based on identified audience segmentation and reprioritized brand focuses.
  • Created educational materials to solidify a consistent brand voice and messaging for field marketing, sales and distributor partners. 

With the strategy in place, we were able to bring the brand to life across the country solidifying GT’s power in the market.


A&G Portfolio

Fractional CMO &
Marketing Execution

The Patch Brand launched to consumers in August of 2021. As a new, innovative brand, they were seeking strategic consulting to better understand The Patch Brand consumer and the messaging to help target that base. Furthermore, they needed support in the development and execution of their overall marketing plan. Alpen&Glo was tasked to step in as fractional CMO and executing marketing team, introducing the brand to consumers through various modalities.



Build The Patch Brand’s brand foundation, ensuring a cohesive brand voice and image across all marketing channels, and develop the necessary marketing strategies, tools and, plan to effectively bring The Patch Brand to market.



  • Supported TikTok channel growth by 10x over the span of 5 months and helped them to achieve a 100k follower milestone.
  • Supported Instagram channel growth of +50% in 5 months and helped them to achieve a 10k follower milestone.

  • Curate and manage like-minded brand partnerships in order to grow following with relevant audiences.
  • Manage The Patch Brand’s robust content streams and create over 30 videos monthly that contribute for both organic and paid social media.
  • Strategize, ideate, produced and directed The Patch Brand’s owned content focused on cultural moments and occasionality.

Email & SMS
  • Manage monthly strategies/focuses and help create content for both SMS and email that has increased ROI 17x in the first 2 months of execution

Brand Foundation
  • Developed The Patch Brand’s tone of voice
  • Identified The Patch Brand target audience and personas
  • Updated messaging & copy across all brand touchpoints

Social Media & Content Development
  • Develop monthly strategies and manage organic social media channels with a focus on TikTok and Instagram.


A&G Portfolio

Event Curation

Imperfect Foods was rolling out their first-ever LA Food Waste Week with the intent to showcase a week of curated programming. Alpen&Glo came on as their partner to help them curate locally relevant workshops, demos, and panels that appeal to the LA audience.



To ideate and develop captivating programming ideas with an emphasis on food waste education and sustainability.
  • Tap into existing relationships and build new relationships in order to bring on the right moderators and panelists for each event.
  • Ensure Imperfect Food’s mission shined through in each event that was curated.
  • Established pre event road map, check ins and pre panel discussions to set each event up for success.



  • Curated and executed 14 LA Food Waste Week events in 5 days.
  • Brokered influencer content curation to help promote LA Food Waste Week events with 6 LA sustainability and food focused influencers.
  • Supported Imperfect Foods in their mission to divert food waste by using 1,113lbs of Imperfect Foods during LA Food Waste Week.

A&G Portfolio

Branding & Sales Tools

After a strong growth year in 2020, due to schools and universities having to shift to learning from a distance, Electude, a gamified e-learning platform for automotive learners, was seeking to establish a clear voice in the marketplace with unique messaging and tools to amplify.



Develop Electude’s brand foundation leveraging founder and tenured employee interviews in order to reset and refresh Electude’s messaging to their customers and potential customers. With this new brand foundation, create marketing and sales tools to bring to market that help them achieve their business objectives.



  • Refined and redesigned Electude’s expansive marketing and sales pitch materials library in order to align with updated messaging and brand foundation.
  • Strategized, concepted, scripted, and co-produced Electude’s Brand Video and Brand Photoshoot.
  • BTS from Video/Photoshoot
  • Strategized, concepted, scripted and project managed Electude’s Explainer Animation.

A&G Portfolio

Influencer &
Event Marketing

Being a new canned low proof botanical spirit, Red Saint, was looking to foster meaningful relationships with tastemakers in their target market of LA.



Create influencer seeding kits to ensure a premium first experience with the brand. Curate, communicate, and sample a list of influencers and tastemakers to successfully introduce Red Saint into their desired target audience.



  • Introduced Red Saint to over 50 influential tastemakers in LA
  • Relationships lead to over 10 event partnerships for Red Saint
  • Created branded bar cart for event opportunities
  • Curated and developed premium influencer kits which included Red Saint cocktail glass & custom candle scent
  • Art-directed & co-produced product photoshoot capturing BTS and final photos

A&G Portfolio

PR Stunt

With Red Bull having a focus on the work occasion, there was the perfect opportunity to develop a big moment during a leap year that resulted in an extra work day landing on a Monday. We were asked to activate an “only Red Bull can do” moment and give wings to Kansas City on this extra work day with the goal to liven up the start to their work week.



Kick off Leap Day in Kansas City, with the Red Bull Air Force skydiving team leaping into the heart of Kansas City landing at the iconic National WWI Museum & Memorial and having the Wings sampling team & media ready and waiting to celebrate Leap Year.
  • Garner media attention during this “only Red Bull can to” moment and put a spotlight on our focus market, Kansas City. Working hand in hand with the National WWI Museum & Memorial we joined forces to invite local Kansas City stations out to get live footage of the Leap Day jump.
  • Tap into Red Bull Global’s Global Snapchat Story featuring Red Bull athletes around the world doing incredible things throughout the day to put Kansas City on a global platform and further amplify our PR stunt.
  • Carry on the buzz of the Leap Day jump through the workday by sampling Red Bull to Kansas City workers to help them get through the extra workday.



Media Results:
  • 71 TV hits with coverage in over 45 cities across the US
  • 17+ Online Articles/Mentions
  • 1 Print article in the Kansas City Star
  • 2.3MM total impressions
@redbull Snapchat Takeover Results:
  • 19 screenshots
  • #1 most viewed story of all time on @redbull (at its time)
  • #2 most screenshot story of all time on @redbull (at its time)
Red Bull Global Leap Day Results:
  • 15.41 MM unique viewers
  • 186 MM total views
  • 34K screenshots

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